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We Felt At Ease With The Tough Decision To File Bankruptcy

“Life sometimes throws you a curve, but you never think bankruptcy will be part of it. It’s a scary, tense, and for us at least, a very uncomfortable situation to be in. The decision is not easy; however, sometimes it just becomes the best decision financially you can make. With that as the backdrop, we met Mr. Barboza, he immediately made us feel very comfortable and at ease with this tough decision. Our experience with Brian Barboza and his firm has made it an easy process. Brian is very professional, knowledgeable, and again makes you feel very comfortable. We had the opportunity to meet in person several times and we also were able to keep in contact via phone calls and emails. He guided us through the process, answered all of our questions (and we had many) and walked us through each step. Brian always responded promptly to phone messages as well as emails so we never felt like we were “left hanging”. His staff is also great and a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend him and his firm if anyone found themselves in the unfortunate situation of considering bankruptcy.”

– KB and DB

We Got Our Life Back

“Absolutely the best Bankruptcy Attorney in Northern California. Our experience with Brian Barboza, and his staff, has been nothing short of exceptional. Brian is brilliant, honest, and straight forward – he tells it like it is, and he leaves no stone unturned; every “i” is dotted and every “T” is crossed.

I had put off contacting a lawyer for a few years, as I had a house and didn’t want to lose it. I thought that the courts would make me sell the house, and since my parents lived in the house, losing the house was not an option. Brian was honest with me, and told me that was a possibility, but that he thought he could protect it. He told us exactly what info we needed and we gathered that for him, and sure enough, he said without a doubt, he could in fact protect the house, and he did. We went from scared to being able to sleep at night. The fees were reasonable and the proceedings were easy.

I highly recommend Brian A. Barboza, even if you don’t want to file for Bankruptcy (like we didn’t), but if your finances are getting desperate, give Brian a call and get some free advice. If Bankruptcy is not for you, Brian will tell you straight and honest. If it could be an option, he will give you the facts on that as well.

We got our Life back.”

– JS and SS.

I Knew Right Away Brian Barboza Was The Attorney For Me

“Recently I was faced with the realization that Bankruptcy would be my only option to help with the problems I was facing. A family member recommended Brian Barboza. I knew right away he was the right attorney for me. He listened to me and he always made sure that I understood every step of the process. He always returned my calls and made sure I was comfortable with the process. I would recommend Brian Barboza to all my family and friends. Brian made a really difficult situation much easier to handle.”

– KM

They Changed My Life

“I would not be where I am today, or living the full life that I have if it were not for the work that Brian and his staff did, on my behalf, in 2011. They changed my life. In the process, I learned to manage my finances, budget my time, and trust professional help.”

– LH

I Highly Recommend Him

“I have never needed a lawyer, and I must admit, was a bit intimidated at the prospect of it all. So when Brian was suggested to me, I was thrilled to know that at least someone I knew had used Brian’s legal services. I was pleasantly surprised at how great an experience it was. Brian is not only extremely knowledgeable in law, but quite good at taking legal concepts and making them understandable to someone like me who cringes at the thought of having to read a legal document. Also, Brian is kind, considerate and respectful, always, and I experienced him to be nonjudgmental towards the delicate situation I found myself in. This was most important to me as I needed someone who I could trust and feel safe with regarding not only my personal information, but my feelings. Brian is the best and I would recommend him to any of my family or friends.”

– CB

He Was Professional And Helpful Every Step Of The Way

“Bankruptcy can be very scary, and was not a Service I was proud to need. Brian Barboza definitely eased my worries. He remained professional and helpful, every step of the way. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend him to anyone in question of their financial stresses. I knew within minutes of meeting him that I was exactly where I belonged. He keeps his word, is great with follow through and really helps with questions and issues along the journey. He came highly recommended to me, and I’m glad to recommend him to someone else in need!”

– C.V.

He Answers Emails And Phone Calls In A Timely Manner

“Brian Barboza is the furthest away from the stereotypes people have about lawyers! My wife and I met with Brian, the first time knowing zero about the process, and leaving comfortable and like we had been friends for years. He explained everything we needed to know and assured us of how the case would be handled. I never once doubted his credibility nor knowledge. Whenever I did have a question, he answered my email or phone calls on the same day! I have no reservations of referring friends or relatives to him, and I have referred several to him. We are forever grateful for the support and ease of working with Brian!”

– SM and BM.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.