Get The Opportunity For A Fresh Start


Life is stressful enough, but when you have creditors (such as credit card companies, collection agencies, and debt collectors) constantly calling you and threatening lawsuits, wage garnishments, levies, and liens life becomes unbearable. It is important to quickly learn what options you have to make the creditors stop harassing you and to get your financial situation back on track.

Bankruptcy is a common financial tool used by thousands of people to stop creditor harassment and collection efforts. Even if you have been sued, and a judgment has been issued against you, bankruptcy often times will resolve the debt. You can’t make your creditors stop trying to collect from you, but the bankruptcy laws and bankruptcy judges can. The longer you wait to deal with your debts the worse it becomes.

A consultation with the law office of Brian A. Barboza will help put your situation into perspective and allow you to make an informed and intelligent decision. We want to help you stop debt collectors from filing lawsuits against you, garnishing your wages, and just stop the overall harassment. Call the Law Office of Brian A. Barboza, or inquire through this website, today and take back control of your financial life.