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Learn About The SSDI Process

As with many processes in the U.S. government, applying for SSDI benefits can be a multifaceted, strenuous and drawn-out process. The exceptional wait time and attention to detail involved can be too much for many individuals to handle, and working with an experienced Santa Rosa SSDI process attorney can do wonders in easing this strain.

Steps In The Process

  1. One of the first steps in the Social Security Disability Insurance process in California is determining whether you meet the qualifications needed to apply for these benefits.
  2. Seeking out counsel is often advised, as a lawyer can help you understand your eligibility and whether you have a strong case.
  3. Putting together your application and supporting materials is one of the most important steps in the process, which is why getting assistance from an attorney can be crucial. Missing documentation, deadlines or details that are mishandled in this step can lead to imminent denial of your application. The application includes many aspects, including work reports, disability reports, medication lists, reports on your ability to function and other pieces of documentation.
  4. After your application has been submitted, it can be many months before you hear back from the Social Security Administration about your application. You can check the status of your application at any time, but until you hear a firm approval or denial from the office, you will spend a good amount of time waiting. You may be contacted by the Social Security Administration during this waiting period if it needs more information or documentation from you.
  5. One of the most challenging parts of waiting for a decision from the administration is knowing that the chances of your application being approved are not necessarily in your favor. If your application is approved, you can receive your benefits and move forward. If your application is denied, however, it is time to look into the appeals process.

Moving Forward

It can take over a year for many SSDI claims to be processed, so it is important not to let this process rule your life. Additionally, the rates of initial approval are difficult to predict, though a thorough application prepared with the help of an attorney can help your chances significantly. If your application is denied, we can help you through the many stages of the appeals process. Depending on the level of the appeal, rates of approval vary. Though reconsideration based on your initial paperwork alone has low rates of approval, appeals involving hearings and federal courts are often more favorable.

No matter what happens in your case, do not be discouraged. We can help you through every stage of the process and have handled cases like yours for many years. You will not be the first nor the last person to have to take your case through the appeals process, so there is no need to feel alone. We, at the Law Offices of Brian A. Barboza, are here to help. Make an appointment at our Santa Rosa offices by calling 707-304-5251 or by sending a message to us online.