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You Need A Lawyer For Denied SSDI Claims

If you applied for and were denied your SSDI claim, there is still hope for receiving these benefits. Many applications are denied for procedural errors or incomplete filings due to minor mistakes that anyone who has never filed SSDI before can easily make – more still are simply denied during the initial evaluation, only to be given approval at a later stage in the process. Avoiding a denied SSDI claim is one of the many benefits to hiring an experienced SSDI attorney from the beginning of the process, and helping you file an appeal is yet another.

Even if you applied and were denied, there is still hope. Our lawyer at the Law Offices of Brian A. Barboza is experienced in the disability claim appeals process and can help you win your Social Security Disability claim. Call our offices in California at 707-304-5251 to schedule a free initial consultation about your denied claim with a Santa Rosa denied SSDI claims attorney.

Why Was I Denied?

There are many reasons why your claim may have been denied after your initial application. The reality is that the majority of SSDI claims are denied after the initial filing, so do not feel as though you are alone in this struggle. In addition to not meeting the qualifications for SSDI, some of the reasons for denial may include:

  • Questions about the validity of your disability
  • Discrepancies in the details of your application
  • Linking your disability to alcohol, drugs or criminal activity
  • Mismatched reporting of your ability to work versus the state agency’s determination of your ability to work
  • Considerations of your impairment were not thorough.
  • Your income level is high.
  • Evidence proving your impairment meets the requirements was not provided.
  • Your medical records are not thorough.
  • Level of schooling discrepancy
  • Inability to contact you about your application
  • Improper evaluations of pain
  • The length of disability is considered too short.

Keep in mind that your initial filing only provides documentation to the Social Security Administration, and if there are any doubts as to your disability, your claim may be denied. After an appeal, your odds may increase because we can provide additional evidence to a judge, including witness testimony and direct observation of your struggle.

Filing An Appeal

Filing an appeal is just as important as making your initial filing, and every detail of your application must be precise. We will handle the reconsideration and appeals processes for you. We will handle the paperwork required and represent you in front of the SSA appeals council if necessary. We work with the Social Security Administration every day, so we know what it takes to win.

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Your case has a number of appeals options ahead, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary, so don’t accept your denial blindly. There is still hope. Call us at 707-304-5251 speak with a lawyer at our office today or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Santa Rosa office.