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Worried About Student Loans?

More and more students are graduating from college with an extremely large amount of student loan debt. At the same time, the economic situation has forced many to accept jobs in lesser-paying fields than they have trained for, while others have trouble finding a job of any kind. All the while, student loan debt hangs over their heads.

While there are some exceptions, student loan debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. At the Law Offices of Brian A. Barboza in Santa Rosa, we will help you discharge other debt, which may make your student loan debt more manageable. If the possibility exists to eliminate your student loan debt, we will find it. Discuss your options with us.

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When Is Student Loan Debt Dischargeable In Bankruptcy?

If you can prove that your student loans present what the courts refer to as an undue hardship, it may be possible to have the loans discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, proving this is no simple task. Essentially, it must be shown very clearly that there is no possible way that you will ever be able to pay back your student loans.

If you are filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it may be possible to have your student loan payments included in your repayment plan. The bottom line is that we have the experience to take advantage of any opportunity to discharge all your debt, even student loans.

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