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Are You Falling Behind On Mortgage Payments?

When bills are piling up and money is getting tight, many homeowners find themselves falling behind on mortgage payments. When you are four to six months behind on your mortgage and have received documents from your mortgage company indicating that it is moving toward foreclosing on your house, it is time to take action. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used for people who are falling behind on payments, as it gives them time to catch up.

At the Law Offices of Brian A. Barboza in Santa Rosa, we will assess your situation and help you understand how you can catch up on mortgage payments, avoid foreclosure and obtain other benefits by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Our main focus is to see that you and your family are protected, your situation is addressed and you obtain the fresh start that you need.

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Mortgage Company Difficulties

In some situations, a homeowner has fallen behind on mortgage payments due to a difficult financial situation and unemployment. But several months down the road, the homeowner is back on his or her feet and wishes to resume payments and to catch up on back payments. However, some mortgage companies will not accept payments and instead continue to move forward with foreclosure. It is possible for us to step in and file Chapter 13 in order for you to begin repaying on your home loan.

Working Closely With Clients

We understand that many people want to avoid filing for bankruptcy if at all possible. It can be an overwhelming decision, and unfortunately it still carries a stigma in society. However, we try to emphasize with our clients the importance of gaining control of their finances, regardless of the way it is done. Our firm believes it is better for you to retain your home and be able to catch up on your bills than to continue moving forward without addressing the issues and losing all that you have.

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