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Creating Personalized Wills And Keeping Them Up To Date

A will is a crucial document for an adult to have. It ensures that the court and your loved ones handle your estate in the manner you choose after you pass away. It is also crucial to keep your will up to date through strategic amendments after significant life events.

At Law Offices of Brian A. Barboza, we offer the one-on-one help that you deserve when creating a will. When working with us, you will always receive direct attention from our attorney. If you already have a will, we can assist you in amending it to reflect your current wishes.

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The Importance Of A Will

Everyone over age 18 should have a last will and testament as part of their estate plan. Some of the most important reasons include:

  • Naming an executor you trust to handle estate administration
  • Naming your beneficiaries who inherit your property
  • Preventing family in-fighting and conflicts
  • Leaving directions for the administration of trusts
  • Helping your loved ones avoid a long probate process

You should work with an attorney to create a will so you know that the court will honor it in case of a challenge. Although you might think that sitting down to create a will is a chore, we will make the steps go smoothly for you.

Amending Your Will Protects Your Loved Ones

In addition to updating your will every few years, you should consider amending your will after marrying, divorcing, purchasing or selling real estate or having children. Keeping the document current ensures that it will always reflect your wishes in case you suffer an unexpected emergency. Your loved ones will thank you for having a detailed document that they can use as a road map for administering your estate.

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Our priority is putting the estate planning documents in place to safeguard your loved ones’ futures. Reach out to us at our Santa Rosa office to set up an initial consultation with our will and trust attorney.

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