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Yes, Even Middle-Class People Need Wills

Many people have the impression that wills and estate planning are for the wealthy. In fact, there are strong reasons for which anyone – including middle-class and low-income people – should think about protecting their futures and their families through estate planning, with a will as a foundation.

If you die without a will, your loved ones will likely face costly court actions that could have been avoided by the creation of basic estate planning tools. Besides a will, you may want to create powers of attorney, a health care directive and possibly one or more trusts.

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What A Will Can Do For You

In a will, you can name your preference for a guardian for your minor child(ren). A court will likely lean toward honoring your request if it is in your children’s best interests.

Normally, a will also names an executor or personal representative responsible for settling an estate. This simple provision can save your family the expense and headaches of an intestate situation, requiring special court approval to open your estate. A will also prevents unintentional outcomes such as leaving property to someone who has not been important to you and leaving out one or more of your closest loved ones.

Besides creating a will, if you put assets in one or more trusts, you may help your family avoid taking the assets in those trusts through probate. However, some assets that are not titled to the trust(s) may come into your estate. A pour-over will provides a legal method by which your family can manage and distribute those final assets efficiently and according to your wishes.

Let’s Talk About Your Will And Estate Plan

Do not assume that estate planning is too expensive for you as an individual or a couple of modest means. The exact opposite may be true. A basic will is very cost-effective, especially considering the power that it has to protect your family from unnecessary expenses later. Creating a will and other basic documents can also greatly simplify your family’s burdens at a difficult time and protect your legacy.

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