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Legal Advice On Trusts For People Of All Walks Of Life

Trusts are not only for the very wealthy but also for middle-class individuals and couples who seek the asset protection and other benefits that these estate planning mechanisms have to offer.

At the Law Offices of Brian A. Barboza, we realize that no two clients fit the same mold. You may consider yourself middle-class if you and/or your spouse earn a decent income, perhaps own a house and/or a vacation cabin or boat and/or have some savings – and you wonder whether trusts are appropriate for your estate plan. We can help you discover answers to suit your goals.

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Which Type(s) Of Trust(s) May Meet Your Needs?

We assume you recognize the importance of a will. We can help you create or update your will to enable your family or others to administer your estate without great hurdles and struggles. In addition to wills, below are examples of trusts that past middle-class clients have asked us to set up for them.

  • A revocable trust that may be modified as often as you like during your lifetime
  • An irrevocable trust is not changeable once it has been established.
  • A living trust that you can manage as the trustee and alter as needed, that may include health care and end-of-life directives, and that will convert to an irrevocable trust with a successor trustee upon your death
  • A testamentary trust that is part of your will and goes into effect upon your death
  • A charitable remainder trust that can account for your real estate and/or stocks for your intended gifting purposes while shielding your estate from capital gains tax
  • A special needs trust to provide for a disabled adult child or spouse while protecting their eligibility for public assistance as needed
  • An education trust or generation-skipping trust to provide for college expenses of your children, grandchildren or other minors listed as beneficiaries

In sum, you may choose to set up a trust because you are concerned about caring for a disabled family member; protecting your spouse’s future livelihood; leaving a legacy for your children, grandchildren or other family members or friends; and/or making gifts to select charitable organizations.

Our Aim Is To Help You Achieve Your Estate Planning Goals

Discuss with a California attorney how trusts can solidify your estate plan.

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