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To Protect Your Legacy, Prevent A Will Contest

You may have good reasons to suspect that a will contest could develop during the administration of your estate if your family history or asset portfolio is complex.

At the Law Offices of Brian A. Barboza, there is no such thing as a typical legal client. We customize legal services to match individual needs and goals. Helping clients create the estate plans they are looking for is a core part of attorney Barboza’s law practice.

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Strengthen Your Will As The Centerpiece Of Your Estate Plan

Preventing a will contest can save your family or chosen beneficiaries a great deal of time, money and trouble during the settling of your estate. Below are some tips for your peace of mind.

  • Make sure your will is properly executed. If you have moved to California from out of state, ask a local attorney to review it in light of state laws here.
  • If you suspect someone might question your competency or claim that you created your will under undue influence, a medical assessment and/or testimonies of witnesses to the signing of your will may be helpful.
  • If any aspect of your estate or your will may raise questions, explain your intentions to your loved ones and/or your attorney through frank conversations or personal letters along with your will.
  • Include a no-contest clause in your will that states that anyone who contests your will and loses the claim is to receive nothing.

For personalized guidance and reassurance, consult with a lawyer about methods for creating a litigation-proof will.

What Brought You Here?

Perhaps you have a blended family or past business partners who, you suspect, might bring claims against your estate. Or you may be the executor (personal representative) for a loved one’s estate, and you feel you should seek guidance on how to prevent or quickly resolve a will contest or any type of estate litigation that may develop.

Whatever has motivated you to look for legal advice on ways to prevent a will contest, you have made a strategic choice by considering the Law Offices of Brian A. Barboza, where we help clients make smart decisions about their futures.

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We assist with probate as well as estate planning. We can help protect your legacy with your will as an effective tool and/or prevent fiduciary duty challenges against you as an executor.

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