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Are you experiencing harassment from debt collectors?

California readers know there are many negative consequences to owing a significant amount of debt. One of these downfalls is the constant contact from creditors and debt collectors who are trying to collect on owed payments. They can call you, send you mail and make other efforts to communicate with you. However, this only adds to the stress of your overwhelming financial situation. 

Should you offer the IRS a compromise?

Living in a California county where housing costs and other living expenses are high can be challenging at times. For instance, if you're used to living on two full incomes, then you or your spouse loses a job, your entire financial foundation may suddenly be on shaky ground. Even if you're both still employed, an unexpected matter, such as urgently needed medical care or a family crisis, can throw your finances out of whack so that you have trouble paying what you owe the Internal Revenue Service for taxes. 

Do I qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Many California residents have, over the years, found themselves in tough financial positions. Living in this state is expensive. Job loss, emergencies, health scares and a number of other things can arise that make paying one's bills impossible. If you've found yourself in a difficult financial bind, there may be debt relief options available to you -- such as bankruptcy.

Have you received a legal complaint regarding creditor claims?

You, like most California residents and individuals across the country, likely have some form of debt. While your outstanding balances may have once been easily managed, you may have found yourself struggling to keep up with payments due to unexpected life events or other issues. Now, your debt has become so overwhelming that you feel uncertain whether you will ever have the ability to pay it back.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy: is it the right choice for you?

California readers who are overwhelmed by debt may know that bankruptcy could be a reasonable option for them. Filing for bankruptcy may not be your first choice, but it could be a way to obtain a better financial future that is free from the threat of losing your home and the harassment from creditors.

Will I lose everything in a bankruptcy?

A job loss, a divorce or a medical emergency are some of the most common events that can send a family budget into crisis. If you experienced any of these, you know how difficult it is to bounce back. You can take a part-time job and cut back on expenses, but there are only so many hours in a day and so many extras to cut from your budget.

Knowing when a debt collector goes too far

If you woke up this morning with a tension headache or a knot in your stomach because of your financial situation, it is probably not the first time. In fact, you know things have gotten bad if you start your day by planning how to avoid your creditors. Knowing that at a certain time of day the phone calls will start certainly doesn't make it easy to greet the day with any positivity.

Debtors' prisons no longer exist but bankruptcy remains an option

You've probably read a novel or two set in the 1800s (perhaps Dickens?) where one or more characters were tossed into debtors' prisons for being unable to satisfy their debts. Such fiction stories are typically full of tragic circumstances, such as families living in cold, dark and damp dwellings while their breadwinner husbands and fathers spend months or years behind bars simply because they couldn't earn enough income to make ends meet. Thankfully, such tales of old are far from today's reality although certain aspects may remain.


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