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How to acquire a US citizenship

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | blog |

When a person gains U.S citizenship, they may have access to the many opportunities that a resident of the United States enjoys. They may have access to a U.S passport, protection from getting deported, and a right to vote in public elections. Individuals need to find out whether they are eligible to get a U.S citizenship. For them to apply for citizenship, they should have a green card which gives them a lawful permanent residence. 

Even though they may legally be permanent residents, they must meet some additional requirements to be eligible for citizenship. These may include but are not limited to the period that they have spent in the U.S with the green card, their good moral character, their ability to pass a test on the story of U.S and English among others. After establishing their eligibility, they should file paperwork with the USCIS. They may be required to fill the N-400 form to commence the process. When their application gets accepted, they will get an email concerning the date for their biometrics appointment. 

According to Nomadcapitalist, there are some requirements that they should meet to get a green card. They must go through health examinations. Similarly, they must receive all the essential vaccinations. The process determines whether their presence might constitute health risks to everyone. Certain illnesses may disqualify them from becoming a permanent resident in the United States. 

Similarly, to get permanent residence, they should have a relatively clean criminal record before entering the U.S. However, they may get exemptions to some crimes. Depending on the severity and nature of the offense that they committed, they might get a waiver of their past criminal behavior. If they committed a crime of moral turpitude, their application may get denied.