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Should you offer the IRS a compromise?

Living in a California county where housing costs and other living expenses are high can be challenging at times. For instance, if you're used to living on two full incomes, then you or your spouse loses a job, your entire financial foundation may suddenly be on shaky ground. Even if you're both still employed, an unexpected matter, such as urgently needed medical care or a family crisis, can throw your finances out of whack so that you have trouble paying what you owe the Internal Revenue Service for taxes. 

Do I qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Many California residents have, over the years, found themselves in tough financial positions. Living in this state is expensive. Job loss, emergencies, health scares and a number of other things can arise that make paying one's bills impossible. If you've found yourself in a difficult financial bind, there may be debt relief options available to you -- such as bankruptcy.


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