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Do-It-Yourself Bankruptcy Is Difficult

Why should you hire a bankruptcy attorney when you can do your bankruptcy yourself? Why, when you are already overwhelmed by debt, should you pay for the help of an attorney? The answer is simple: You want this done right. You want to get rid of your debt and you want to do it as soon as possible. You do not need any additional stress in your life.

Yes, you can file bankruptcy on your own, but by no means is the process simple. There are approximately 75 pages of documents that need to be filed with the federal bankruptcy court under penalty of perjury, and that is just the start of a process that is lined with potential traps you could fall into. At the Law Offices of Brian A. Barboza in Santa Rosa we help people avoid the traps and get through the process painlessly and effectively.

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What Is The Worst That Can Happen If I Do Not Hire An Attorney?

The true worst-case scenario is that you miss some minor but important details on your documentation. The court sees these errors and starts to wonder if you are committing perjury — lying on your documentation. You run the risk of serious repercussions.

Of course, those repercussions are truly rare. In reality, what happens more often than not is that you simply do not get the fresh financial start you were seeking or you end up losing assets that you were not prepared to lose. You will find that our fees are reasonable, and the efficiency and care we use to help you overcome your debt are well worth it.

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