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Bankruptcy Options

Find out if Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Chapter 11 or another debt relief option is right for you.

How The Bankruptcy Process Works

Learn how bankruptcy affects credit and other important issues.

What Debts Can You Discharge

Can credit card debt or student loan debt be eliminated?

Stop Creditor Harassment And Collections Now!

Bankruptcy is a common financial tool used by thousands of people to stop creditor harassment and collection efforts.

Explore Your Options For A Better Future

Whether you are facing debt or need help becoming a legal U.S. resident, the threat of an uncertain future is stressful. We can help you feel at ease by understanding your options. At the Law Offices of Brian A. Barboza, we will meet with you in a one-on-one appointment to understand the challenges you are facing and how best to move forward. We can address your debt with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy or a different debt relief plan. Waiting only makes the situation worse. Don’t worry — we can handle it.

An Attorney Who Will Do What’s Best For You

Brian A. Barboza brings over a decade of legal experience helping individuals and families in the northern California get a fresh financial start. He offers knowledgeable and candid advice to help you make the best decisions. What are your concerns?
    • Eliminate debt through bankruptcy or a smart payment plan. Keep your home and avoid foreclosure.
    • Stop the creditor harassment with help from an aggressive advocate in your corner.

Attorney Barboza is a client-focused lawyer who understands the issues people in Sonoma County face, and is familiar with local courts and legal community. Whether it is legal advice or a fierce advocate against creditor lawsuits, he will do what is best for you.

They Changed My Life

“I would not be where I am today or living the full life that I have if it were not for the work that Brian and his staff did, on my behalf, in 2011. They changed my life. In the process, I learned to manage my finances, budget my time and trust professional help.”

– LH

We Felt At Ease With The Tough Decision To File For Bankruptcy

“…we met Mr. Barboza, he immediately made us feel very comfortable and at ease with this tough decision. Our experience with Brian Barboza and his firm has made it an easy process. Brian is very professional, knowledgeable, and again makes you feel very comfortable.”

– KB and DB

We Got Our Life Back

“Absolutely the best Bankruptcy attorney in Northern California. Our experience with Brian Barboza, and his staff, has been nothing short of exceptional. Brian is brilliant, honest and straight forward — he tells it like it is, and he leaves no stone unturned; every “i” is dotted and every “T” is crossed.”

– JS and SS