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Can they really take my stuff?: How repossession works

Financial troubles can lead to various complications, including leaving a person unable to meet his or her financial obligations. When bills go unpaid, creditors start calling, notices of foreclosure start arriving in the mail and threats of repossession may begin. The thought of losing personal property is not only overwhelming, it is embarrassing and a threat to your way of life.

Repossession often happens when a person is so far behind on payments that creditors take steps to confiscate the financed object. Often, this is a vehicle, but that is not always the case. While it may seem surreal that a company could simply take your property, it can be useful to know how repossession works and what you can do to make it stop.

Getting free from the credit card trap

Do you remember the first time a credit card company accepted your application? Maybe you were fresh out of high school or had just landed your first full-time job. It may have been exhilarating to go shopping with that new plastic in your wallet, like a kid in a candy store. Maybe you are a little embarrassed at the things you bought then, but the credit card gave you a sense of freedom.

These days, that's probably the farthest thing from the truth. In fact, you may feel that the credit trap has sucked you in, and you aren't sure how you will ever escape. Even if you make those monthly minimum payments faithfully, you still may feel like you aren't getting anywhere.

Was your paycheck less than you expected due to a garnishment?

Like many others here in California, you may struggle with your finances. You feel as though no matter how hard you work or how many corners of your budget you cut, you just can't get ahead. Then you get your paycheck and realize that it's not what you expected.

That's when you remember that one of your creditors told your employer to garnish your wages. Your creditor received a judgment against you for the debt you owed, but you never expected it to take the money out of your pay. Now you wonder what to do since you have even fewer dollars to stretch until the next pay period.

Can filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy save your business?

The cost of owning and operating your own business is high, and sometimes it can be extremely difficult to meet the financial demands that come along with it. You, like many other California business owners, may find yourself in a position in which you can no longer make payments related to your daily operation and business-related debts. 

Fortunately, carrying a significant amount of debt does not necessarily mean that you must close your business and liquidate all your assets. By filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you may be able to reorganize your debts and reclaim a strong financial future for your business.

Are payday loans a good form of debt relief?

Many California residents are struggling financially. Are you one of them? There is nothing easy about battling to make ends meet, but living from paycheck to paycheck is a reality for numerous individuals. When money runs out, the need for help and debt relief options is understandable. However, some of the options out there do more harm than good.

Payday loans have been a popular form of financial assistance for quite some time now, but why? Do they really help people, or do they cause more economic distress?

Bankruptcy Is A Powerful Financial Tool

     When dealing with a difficult financial crisis bankruptcy is often times a good option.  However, because bankruptcy is such a powerful financial tool and can only be utilized every so often the decision to file bankruptcy should be well informed. A bankruptcy attorney is the best resource to become informed as to your debt relief options and how a bankruptcy may or may not help you.

When a medical emergency affects your financial health

One of the most unfortunate consequences of a medical emergency is the onslaught of exorbitant bills that can follow. Medical debt is one of the most common types of debt, and it can have a negative impact on a person's overall financial health. If your medical bills have wiped out your savings, and you find yourself facing calls from California debt collectors, you have options.


     Many people who stop paying their credit card bills and other debts eventually find themselves at the wrong end of a lawsuit.  The creditor or perhaps a debt buyer after collection attempts such as phone calls and threatening letters fails to bring in payment from the borrower decides to file a lawsuit for money damages.  These collection lawsuits are very common and the Judgments from the lawsuits are enforceable in California for 20 years.

Is Credit Card Debt Dischargeable In Bankruptcy

      A common question that I seem to get from clients is whether credit card debt can be discharged in a bankruptcy.  As a bankruptcy attorney many of the cases that I handle involve some amount of credit card debt.  My answer to this common bankruptcy question is often the same.  As a general rule credit card debt is dischargeable.  However, that is a general rule and there are some exceptions that must be considered before filing a bankruptcy. 

Why File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal process whereby a person or business requests relief from their debts.  The law allows a person or business to discharge (ie eliminate) various types of debts.  Common debts would be credit cards, medical bills, auto repossessions, foreclosures, civil judgments, and even old tax debts.  However, just because a person has debts does not automatically mean a bankruptcy is the best solution. There are numerous other factors to consider before the decision to file bankruptcy should be made.


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